Bekah (sparklingfaerie) wrote in sisterlybond,

Lil intro...

1) Your name (either real or a "handle") Bekah

2) Your affiliation (with a women's group, if you belong to one - this is optional) Phi Mu Fraternity for Women, Theta Theta chapter at Columbus State University; Sigma Alpha Iota (music)

3) Why you joined COS: To learn other's ideas on Sisterhood and to better define my own to, in turn, strengthen my chapter's bond

4) What you would like to gain from participating in this forum: basically for the same reasons listed in #3

5) What is your own definition of "sisterhood"? If you belong to a sisterhood, then do you feel that your sisterhood takes measures to develop and strengthen the bonds between its members? If so, then how?: of our Sisters said "sisterhood is...a 'hood of sisters!"... and I kind of have to agree with her, even though she's being silly. We're different people from different places and we've come together to form a community (or neighborhood) and we help eachother like neighbors do, but like "homies from the hood"...we're loyal and we've got eachother's backs, yo. j/k A sister is a best friend, only bester...with unconditional love and honesty.

6) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages in belonging to a sisterhood?: From a "monetary" value- the netowrking and contacts are AMAZING. But from a sappy view, I love knowing that I will always have something to do and someone to do with. It's a great way to meet new people in a new place and be bonded with strangers who you've just met. It's a unifying thing to own these letters. I'm glad to have affiliated myself with an organization that stands for such great values and with the incredible women that make up our bond.

7) Do you feel that your having been involved in such a circle has been rewarding for you?: completely. I used to really hate myself and I actually thought that I was unworthy of friendship and love. Then I went to college and a Phi Mu encouraged me to Rush- I'm now very outgoing and I love life and I can talk to people- my life has done a total 180 socially. And it's also been good because my Sisters helped me settle into a new school and city and upholding Phi Mu's standards have made me a better person (by living the creed of Love, Honor, Truth) and it's kept my grades up!! I talk a lot! haha! yay for Sisters!
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