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sisterlybond's Journal

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This is a newly-formed community which is designed to address the psychological and social issues behind the concepts of what makes and creates a sisterhood. When I say "sisterhood", I mean any and all groups of women who have joined together for a common purpose..which usually is for friendship, solidarity in womanhood, and to share other similarities in common with each other. This community is for any women who either belongs to such a group, and even for women and girls who don't belong to these kinds of groups, yet share an interest in understanding them.

What is the draw that motivates females to befriend each other? Is it an innate need to connect with other females, for fun? For survival? In order to feel a sense of gender companionship? On the other hand, what makes some of us "clique" together? Why do some groups of females easily "clique" together and exclude others from their circles?

The most commonly known kinds of sisterhoods are sororities. If you are in a sorority (or women's fraternity), then you are very welcome to participate here. You're not being asked to disclose any confidential information about your sisterhood, its rituals or secret traditions, however, we are interested in learning about general interactions between your sisters that unite you all. If you are in a women's group that does not define itself to be a sorority (i.e. a women's club, an online women's social group, religious/ethnic/professional-based groups), then you're welcome to participate. Even if you are a man and belong to a men's fraternal group, then your input is greatly welcomed here!

I expect this forum to be a positive, educational, and and a welcoming community. While I encourage discourse, I ask that all members/participants follow these guidelines:

1) Be respectful of other participants' viewpoints. Even if you disagree with them, I ask that you disagree respectfully. I will NOT tolerate group rivalries, including put downs, insults, harassment, or other verbal attacks of other members and/or groups. The offenders acting as such will automatically be removed from this community.

2) Please respect the fact that all members and groups are diverse (not just in the nature of their communities, but also in gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and creeds). Viewpoints from members coming from a variety of different backgrounds are welcome here.

3) I ask that all posts are to pertain to this community's theme. Any irrelevant posts will automatically be deleted. Please do NOT use this forum to advertise your group or another group.

4) Some members may wish to remain anonymous and are welcome to do that. If you wish to acquaint yourself with another participant here, then please contact them in private.