bellevue_73 (bellevue_73) wrote in sisterlybond,

New Community - Introductions!

Welcome! This is the new Livejournal community and forum known as "Concepts of Sisterhood". In the hopes that the forum will be a success, I ask that you introduce yourself upon joining it.

Also, in order to initiate discourse here at COS, please share a little bit of information about yourself:

1) Your name (either real or a "handle")

2) Your affiliation (with a women's group, if you belong to one - this is optional)

3) Why you joined COS

4) What you would like to gain from participating in this forum

5) What is your own definition of "sisterhood"? If you belong to a sisterhood, then do you feel that your sisterhood takes measures to develop and strengthen the bonds between its members? If so, then how?

6) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages in belonging to a sisterhood?

7) Do you feel that your having been involved in such a circle has been rewarding for you?
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