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How Girls and Women Clique Together

OK, I'm gonna try to get this board talking, about the key behavioral characteristics that I think is very natural, normal, and typical for females - especially when they seek to unite with other females.

I'm not a psychologist of females, but I think this is something that we rarely think about, especially in understanding why other females would seek to be friends with us (and vice versa). But let's think specifically about our teen years, our college years, and our adult years (I think I'm older than most of you all here, I'm in my thirties, and from what I've seen, even though women tend to be more mature once they reach their late twenties, thirties, and forties, I think they still tend to befriend females in a very similar way in which younger females do). Here are some questions for us to think about:

1) When you were in high school, did you feel the need to be close friends with another female? If so, then what type of girl did you tend to prefer to have as a friend? Were your high school girlfriends very similar to the types of female friends you have/had in college and in adult life? What was the draw that motivated you and your high school girlfriends to bond?

2) In college (since you all are in college sororities, I never joined one), did you find that the women who belonged to your group were already very similar in behavior and personality to how you are? I guess what I'm getting at is this: Does it seem that even college-age women tend to seek out friendships with other females who are very similar to them in physical features, interests, and other key factors that they personally identify with?
Do your sisterhoods define themselves as an entity that exists based on certain ideals that *would* draw a certain group of females together?

3) (For those of you who are adults and are no longer in college), do you have female friends now, especially new ones that you've met since graduation? Did you befriend these women based on the same reasons in which you made female friends in high school and in college? OR, is your core female friend-base restricted to women who belong to your sisterhood?
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