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My Introduction

1) Your name (either real or a "handle"): My handle is "Bellevue"

2) Your Affiliation: I belong to an online-based sisterhood, known as "The Topaz Club" (or "TTC")

3) Why Did You Join COS?: I created this forum

4) What Would You Like to Gain from being a part of this forum?: Since I am the Founder of The Topaz Club, I feel that part of my managing my sisterhood involves educating myself about the entire concept of sisterhood, for what it should be idealistically and what is is realistically. So, what I hope to gain is a broader and even a more in-depth understanding of the nature of such organizations, with the hopes of becoming an even more efficient director of my own group.

5) What is Your Definition of Sisterhood?: A "sisterhood" is a defined circle of women who have come together to share some interests, goals, and other similarities that they have in common with each other. A "sisterhood" [idealistically] involves unconditional friendship and love between its members, and it involves creating a sense of family within that circle.

6) What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Belonging to a Sisterhood?: Generally speaking, the one main advantage of belonging to such a group is that the members of that group will network and create special friendships with others who are like them. The main disadvantage is that they will have to deal with each other's individual personality flaws and with our "lowness" in being female (i.e. the bitchiness, the catty personalities, the jealous/envious types of sisters, the gossip, etc.)

7) Has Your Involvement in A Sisterhood been Rewarding for You?: Well, to speak from my experience in belonging to TTC, I have to say that it has been nothing more than addictive to me! TTC is a fun group, but we also have had to deal with good and bad stuff that has gone on in our circle. TTC is totally ME, in identity racially, ethnically, in personality. The other sisters there agree that TTC is a sorely-needed group, because otherwise, we would have never met, and we would have had no where outside of our circle to connect with likewise members. So, for me, it's not so much a question of it being rewarding, but something of a need in my life that is being fufilled. I love her with all my heart. And with me being the Founder, I'm the BADDEST sister of them all!!!! ;->
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