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Hi Everyone!

1) Your name (either real or a "handle"): Megan

2) Your affiliation (with a women's group, if you belong to one - this is optional): I'm proudly a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Theta chapter at the University of Idaho.

3) Why you joined COS: A lot of times, sororities can become really judgemental and hateful of each other, and that's not why we're here. The Greek System serves as a pathway to make friends, not hate people.

4) What you would like to gain from participating in this forum: I'd like to know more lovely ladies from all over, not just my school or my sorority.

5) What is your own definition of "sisterhood"? Unconditional love, understanding, loyalty, commitment, honesty, honor.

6) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages in belonging to a sisterhood? Advantages: Having a "different" kind of bond with a group of women. Disadvantages: People do not fully comprehend what this means.

7) Do you feel that your having been involved in such a circle has been rewarding for you?: Of course. Being an Alpha Gam is something that will (and has) impacted my life for the better.
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