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1) Your name (either real or a "handle") Jane.

2) Your affiliation (with a women's group, if you belong to one - this is optional) I am a proud member of Alpha Xi Delta, the Gamma Epsilon chapter at Fresno State.

3) Why you joined COS I'm all for encouraging bonds between women that strengthen our love for each other and help us grow. Women are faced with challenges that make us enemies to each other for no reason. If we could lvie together and learn about each other, that might change.

4) What you would like to gain from participating in this forum Fullfill the missing sisterhood in my life since I've gone alum. I'd like to give others that are like me the chance to continue that as well.

5) What is your own definition of "sisterhood"? If you belong to a sisterhood, then do you feel that your sisterhood takes measures to develop and strengthen the bonds between its members? If so, then how? My definition of sisterhood is the person that loves you and supports you regardless of what you do or how you feel or how you look. It is somethign you can fall back on, smile with and celebrate with. It is the bond that I share with my sisters that has gotten me through so much hard times. My sisterhood works together through ceremonies, special sisters only moments were we can get everything off of our chests with no repercussions, along with retreats and things like ice cream socials to spend important time with each other.

6) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages in belonging to a sisterhood? You have a lifelong connection with women with the same interests and goals. At the same time those women are varied and diverse. Disadvantages include drama and petty actions. The stuff you would expect with a bunch of girls. People chosing sides and wanting positions of power just to look good instead of bettering the whole sorority.

7) Do you feel that your having been involved in such a circle has been rewarding for you? Oh the best experience of my life. Having my sisters at my bedside when I was in the hospital, having them hug me tight when my fiance called it off, having them standing in the bleachers when I got my diploma. Knowing a friendly ear was just outside my door in the hall. Ice cream and slurpee runs, party fumbles and boy trouble. I will never forget the life I led in my sorority and I miss it terribly.

Sorry for the ramble. Sisterhood and sorority means so very much to me. =)
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